What's your refund policy?

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your online learning experience, please contact Relias Support and we'll make every effort to correct the situation. For complete details on our return policy, click here. You can also visit our customer support page for several ways to engage our support resources.

What requirements do I need on my computer to take your courses?

System Requirements

Browser Requirements

For the best experience, Relias recommends using the latest version of one of our supported browsers, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Users can still access the application using Internet Explorer 11 and other unsupported browsers, such as Safari or Firefox, but may experience issues.

In addition, the following browser settings should be configured:

  • Enable Javascript
  • Allow pop-ups for reliaslearning.com
  • Allow cookies from reliaslearning.com

Mobile Requirements

To access the Relias Platform from a mobile device, Relias recommends the use of the Relias Mobile application. For more information, please refer to the Relias Mobile App Quick Guide.

Trusted Sites

To ensure users have the best experience accessing all content and functionality, Relias recommends adding the following domains to the trusted sites:

  • player.vimeo.com - storage location for customer’s uploaded videos
  • kaltura.com and newrow.com - required for utilizing the Relias Virtual Classroom
  • reliaslearning.skillport.com - required for Skillsoft Courses

Additional sites may be required if third party courses are purchased by your organization.


To ensure network security applications and/or devices are not blocking communication with the Relias Platform, Relias recommends whitelisting the following domains and IP addresses:

  • reliaslearning.com
  • relias.com

Email Settings

To ensure users can receive notifications from the application, the following email addresses and domains should be allowed by your mail server and anti-spam software:

Do I have to take my course in one sitting or can I take it when I have time?

Relias Academy online courses are designed for convenience. Online Courses will bookmark the location where you left the course and give you the opportunity to return to your previous location when returning to the course. Video courses will return you to the beginning of the video.

How do I purchase courses for multiple users?

Courses and course packages can be purchased for use by others using the Relias Academy assignment system. Once a course or package is in your cart, us the “Assign course to others” option to enable your purchase to be sent to other learners. Purchased assignments can then be emailed to other learners who can use them access the course.

How do I access my certificates of completion?

After reviewing all course material, you'll need to pass the attached final exam AND complete the learner survey before you can access your certificate. Upon completion of the survey, you can find your certificate within the My Academy's transcript page by clicking the “View/Print” button, then “Print Certificate” on the following page. If you want a certificate for your license, you must select your preferred certificate at the bottom of the “Print Certificate” page. Please note: Your browser must allow "pop-ups" from *.reliaslearning.com to print your certificate.

How do I add my license?

Once you have logged into your account, go to “My License” under the My Account menu. On the Licenses page you can click on “+ Add License” to add new license information or click “Manage” next to an existing license to edit your information.

How do I send an assignment?

Once you have completed your purchase, click on “My Account” then click on “Assignments” on the left side of your page. From this page, you can enter the email address of the users to receive the training and send their invitation. Make sure you enter the email address exactly as it appears on their account!

How do I redeem an assignment?

After you have been notified that an assignment has been sent to your account, go to your “My Courses” section. On the Courses page, click on the “Assigned” tab on the far-right of the page. From this page, you should see any assignments you have been sent. To redeem, simply click the “Redeem” button to the right of the assignment. If you don’t see anything on this page, check with the person who sent your assignment to make sure they used the same email address as the email that is on your account.

How do I use my subscription?

If you have purchased a subscription, you will need to enroll in courses that are included within the subscription. To find your subscription and enroll in courses, go to the “My Courses” section under My Account, then click on your “Subscriptions” tab. Click on the “Enroll in Courses” button next to your subscription to bring up a list of available courses. You can use the filters at the top of the list to look for courses specific to your license. Once you find a course you wish to take, click the “Enroll” button to the right. These courses will now be displayed under your “My Courses” page.

How long do I have access to my purchase?

You have one year from the date of your purchase of courses to complete the final exam. Once you finish the final exam, you can always access and review the course under your Transcript, but to complete the final exam again you must repurchase the course.