Evaluating and Strengthening Wound Assessment Skills Series

This series provides 9 hours of continuing education for most licenses. View the detail of each course to see how many contact hours are approved by the accrediting bodies.

This series is designed to provide wound care clinicians with the tools to assess and document a comprehensive patient and wound assessment with the goal of earlier, accurate diagnoses of chronic wounds.

The Initial assessment is the most crucial step in wound care.1 An assessment leading to the correct identification of a chronic wound’s etiology, as well as the local and systemic factors that are contributing to poor wound healing, is essential for successful treatment.2 Wound healing can be compromised by many factors, therefore understanding the different ways to perform a thorough, head to toe assessment is an indispensable skill in wound management.

Comprehensive documentation is essential to receive reimbursement for treatment plans and services provided.3 We will review a comprehensive patient assessment, skin assessment, wound assessment, lower extremity assessment and the classification systems used in wound care.


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