Malnutrition and Wounds: Tactics for Assessment and Intervention Series

This series provides 9 hours of continuing education for most licenses. View the detail of each course to see how many contact hours are approved by the accrediting bodies.

This five-part, pre-recorded webinar series is designed for health care professionals interested in the role of preventing and treating skin breakdown. The series will address physiology and anatomy of skin, risk assessment for skin breakdown and slow healing wounds including malnutrition and common geriatric syndromes. A review of the latest research on laboratory assessment of nutritional status for wounds and techniques for nutrition-focused physical assessment of wounds will be presented as well as an update on research related to key nutrients and wound healing. Documentation including protocols for preventing and treating wounds, and nutrition care process for preventing and treating wounds including PES statements, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition prescription and interventions will also be included. The course is concluded with regulatory and legal issues in wound care.


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