Current Clinical Drug Interactions: The Potential Risks and Strategies to Ensure Patient Safety Series

This series provides 8 hours of continuing education for most licenses. View the detail of each course to see how many contact hours are approved by the accrediting bodies.

This is a four part, pre-recorded webinar series. Nurses providing care to both inpatient and outpatient populations currently face greater complexity in the drug regimens that patients present with than ever before. The role of the clinician includes recognition of risk, as well as identification of interactions that are manifest.

The first part is designed to review the interactive concepts of drug interaction in selected populations and create a framework for further knowledge acquisition and application. The subsequent chapters in this series will examine specific groups of drugs commonly encountered by clinicians. Emphasis will be placed on recognition of the potential for untoward interactions, including operant mechanisms, as well as on the identification of strategies to ensure patient safety.


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