Florida LPN Supervisory Package

On March 26, 2002, the Florida Legislature made changes to the rules relative to the supervisory role of the Licensed Practical Nurse. They require that any LPN performing a supervisory role must complete 30 hours of formal instruction. For many LPN’s the idea of performing as a "Supervisor" is a totally unknown experience. Many LPN’s entered the nursing profession because he/she “wanted to care for others,” but did not plan on being in a supervisory position. Oftentimes, the LPN is not prepared for the stress that comes with supervisory responsibilities. The purpose of this Introductory Level course is to provide training and guidance to the LPN making the transition into a supervisory role. This course is designed to be taken with an RN to discuss the course as the LPN works through the material, and that an RN Supervisor Companion Guide is available for downloading, printing, and giving to the RN supervisor.


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