Gang Fundamentals in a Correctional Setting

This three course package will explore the fundamentals of gangs, their membership and culture.

You'll also learn about Gang Tattoos. When corrections and law enforcement personnel learn to read tattoos and their meanings, that knowledge can be used to identify gang members in correctional facilities. Once gang members are appropriately identified, facility managers have information to more effectively manage inmates, diminishing the violence levels that occur with gang activity

Finally, you'll explore security threat group management. This final course will explore the unique nature of STGs and the history of prison gangs. The goal of this course, through the use of instructional material and experiential exercises, is to teach you how STGs differ from street gangs and how they are similar. It will also teach you to how to develop an STG identification and management plan based on best practices.

In total, you'll receive over ten credit hours in online courses dealing specifically with the important issues facing officers and supervisors dealing with gang members in a correctional setting.

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