Basic Security Practice for Contractors and Volunteers

Got Contractors, Volunteers?

Sure you do! Every correctional agency, facility and jail uses contractors, volunteers and adjunct staff to augment services. These are persons who come into the facility on a recurring basis to provide a host of ancillary services including: volunteers to help teach classes to inmates, or facilitate an AA meeting; a professional who provides medical, counseling, addiction services, and other offender type change programs; and outside vendors who provide a host of logistical services from commissary to HVAC.

This training program package is an excellent way to assure facility managers that these folks, who provide critical services to the jail or facility, are also prepared to support the basic safety concerns and security functions within a correctional facility or jail. These 5 courses will serve as a basis to orient and prepare volunteers, vendors and other non-agency staff to conduct themselves in a way that supports the safety and security interests of a correctional facility or jail.

Make this minimum investment now and make your correctional operation even safer.

Through this package of courses, you can offer a basic security orientation and training to those who provide critical programs and logistical services to your facility.


Included Courses

Course Details

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