Designing a Comprehensive Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Webinar

Evidence supports the importance of pulmonary rehabilitation in decreasing health care costs and decreasing readmission rates for patients with COPD. This, in combination with the penalties imposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for 30-day readmissions in the COPD population, has spurred an interest among health care institutions to develop pulmonary rehabilitation programs, or improve existing programs. The purpose of this series is to provide the learner with the basic knowledge required to develop and/or provide services in a comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) program, while maintaining compliance with rules for reimbursement for such programs. The value of the three phases of PR and ethical billing practices will be discussed during the 2nd presentation. Pulmonary function test interpretation will also be included as well as information to assist in the self-management of pulmonary diseases and the importance of having emergency action plans in place. The series will conclude with a presentation on documentation and outcomes measurement requirements for PR programs or respiratory services programs.

Due to technical issues, Part 5 -Components of a Self-Management Training Program for Persons with Pulmonary Disease will be released on June 1st. Please check back on June 1st to enroll in the course.


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