Nutritional Assessment and Management Considerations of the Oncology Patient Series

This series provides 3 hours of continuing education for most licenses. View the detail of each course to see how many contact hours are approved by the accrediting bodies.

This is a two part webinar series.The first webinar, "Investigating the Metabolic Terrains of Cancer", provides an overview of optimal nutrition for the oncology patient, but more closely examines the metabolic terrains of cancer that impact patient risk. This discussion will include glycemic regulation and its relationship to cancer, the association of inflammation and cancer, and the potential role of stress chemistry in cancer. In managing these terrains, dietary interventions and supplements as well as testing appropriate biomarkers will be addressed.
The second webinar, "Which Biomarkers Should We Be Testing", discusses how to identify and manage nutritional concerns related to the CBC and CMP labs as well as various biomarkers for micronutrients, including iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and zinc. Additionally, nutrition-focused physical assessment to better assess the oncology patient will also be addressed.


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