Customized Community Careers Part 4: Customized Employment Using Interest-Based Negotiation

Customized Community Careers Part 4: Customized Employment Using Interest-Based Negotiation 

This course is the fourth course in a series of five based on the work of Griffin-Hammis Associates (GHA), who is working to create better methods and tools to help people find jobs or start their own businesses through Customized Employment. These courses are designed to aid the employment efforts of people with disabilities, people recovering from mental illness or substance abuse, and others who have challenges beyond just being unemployed. In it, you will learn interest-based negotiation as a method of developing customized employment opportunities, ultimately helping you negotiate a win/win situation for both you and your employer. The course also covers conflict resolution and active listening techniques for effective job negotiation.


Hours: 3.00


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Course Details

Course Code: REL-IDD-GHA-CCC4-V3
Hours: 3
Type: Online Course
Content Expiration Date: 6/30/2021
Learning Objectives:
Describe at least three elements of employment that might be negotiated in a job situation.
Explain interest-based negotiation and how it is a win/win process.
List three causes of conflict and tools that you can use to manage these conflicts.

Section 1: Introduction A. Course Contributors B. About This Course C. Objectives Section 2: Why Interest-Based Negotiation is Needed A. Eddie Needs a Job B. How Did Wayne and Eddie Do? C. Customized Employment D. What is Interest-Based Negotiation? E. A Positive Approach to Negotiation F. Wayne’s Attitude Affected Eddie’s Future G. Win/Win – The Best Technique H. Customized Employment and Interest-Based Negotiation I. Summary Section 3: Developing Win-Win Opportunities A. How Most People Job Hunt B. Competitive Employment Limitations C. The Biggest Job Development Lie D. Developing Win/Win Situations E. Networking to Develop Win/Win Situations F. Finding Common Ground with Employers G. Positional Negotiation H. Turning Win/Lose to Win/Win I. How Do I Create Win/Win Opportunities? J. Eddie and Wayne K. Summary Section 4: Tools for Interest-Based Negotiation A. New Tools for Better Employment Outcomes B. Listening to Learn C. Creating Opportunities for Conversation D. Friendly Conversation E. Conversation vs. Sales Pitch F. Talking is NOT Communicating G. Effective Communication H. Shaping a Conversation I. Let's Review J. Summary Section 5: Breakdowns and Negotiations A. Being Prepared for Breakdowns in Communication B. “A-E-I-O-U” Approach C. Using A-E-I-O-U Approach to Maintain Relationships D. Other Conflicts in Our Story E. Job Carving F. Helping Rachel Get a Job G. Negotiating the Essentials H. Identifying Essentials for Negotiation I. Keeping Accommodations Natural J. Negotiating Accommodations K. Summary Section 6: Reframing and Managing Conflict A. Job Coaching as a Substitute for Competence B. Job Matching and the Need for Accommodation C. Relationship of Support to Employer D. “Reframing” Problems to Find Solutions E. Reframing to Resolve Employment Conflicts F. Additional Negotiations G. Managing Ancillary Negotiations H. Causes of Conflict I. Managing Conflicts J. Communication and Conflict Management Planning K. Active Listening and Communication L. Communicating to Manage Conflict M. Summary Section 7: Collaboration and the Stages of Change A. We Win by Helping Others Win B. Collaboration to Preserve Relationships C. Collaboration to Accomplish More D. Managing the Impact of Change E. Stages of Change F. Seeing the Change Process in an Employment Example G. Using the Change Process in Negotiations H. Interest-Based Negotiation for Darla I. Summary Section 8: Put Into Practice A. Using What You Learned B. Creating Your own Work Portfolio Section 9: Summary A. Summary B. References C. Contact the Authors D. Congratulations

Instructor: Cary Griffin, MA
Cary Griffin is a Senior Partner at Griffin-Hammis Associates, a full service consultancy which specializes in building communities of economic cooperation, creating high performance organizations, and focuses on disability and employment. Cary maintains a strong relationship with the Rural Institute at The University of Montana, where he served as Director of Adult Community Services & Supports. He is the former Executive Director of the Center for Technical Assistance & Training (CTAT) in Denver. Cary provides training to administrative and direct service level professionals in the rehabilitation field; consultation to businesses and rehabilitation agencies regarding the employment of individuals with significant disabilities; conducts field-initiated research & demonstration; provides family & consumer case consultation; develops resources; and organizational development. Recently, Cary has been instrumental in designing self-employment protocols and training for individuals, agencies, and states. Disclosure: Cary Griffin, MA has declared that no conflict of interest, Relevant Financial Relationship or Relevant Non-Financial Relationship exists.
Instructor: Beth Keeton, MS
Ms. Keeton has worked closely with the state of Florida’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) to coordinate the development and implementation of a Self-Employment Certification curriculum. Florida VR has been the first in the nation to make such an extensive commitment to supporting self-employment as a possible outcome for all customers. Beth has served as the point-person for this effort and has been actively involved in all aspects of implementation including: developing the training curriculum; training VR vendors; and providing ongoing technical assistance to VR staff (both state and local), vendors, and customers. Additionally, Beth works with GHA on several other national projects, all of which are geared towards increasing the quantity and quality of employment outcomes through Customized Employment. For the last decade, Beth has provided extensive training and technical assistance throughout the country on positive behavior support, self-employment, customized employment, and benefits analysis. During her time on the various self-employment projects, she has developed expertise in all aspects of business plan development and has discovered a particular affinity for financial planning and Social Security benefits analysis. Disclosure: Beth Keeton, MS has declared that no conflict of interest, Relevant Financial Relationship or Relevant Non-Financial Relationship exists.
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