Medication Administration in Corrections Part 2

Medication Administration in Corrections Part 2 

This course is the second of a two-part series designed for correctional staff who administer medication. In the previous course, you received training on the basics of medication administration in correctional facilities, including their effects, how to handle and store them, and information about the 6 R’s. In this course, advanced practice health care professionals will learn more detailed information about the common steps and rationale used to administer oral, sublingual, and buccal medications, as well as special medication procedures and issues. Interactive exercises and vignettes will provide you the opportunity to practice the new information you acquire from this course. After you have concluded this training, you will have a broader understanding of the key role you play when you administer medications to individuals within the corrections system.


Hours: 2.00


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Course Details

Course Code: EL-MAC2-CORR-0
Hours: 2
Type: Online Course
Content Expiration Date: 4/30/2021
Learning Objectives:
Explain the steps involved in administering oral, sublingual, and buccal medications in correctional facilities.
Employ detailed medication procedures.
Assess unique issues in medication administration.

Section 1: Introduction A. About This Course B. Objectives Section 2: Oral, Bulingual, and Buccal Medication Administration A. Meet Inmate Dorothy B. Steps of Oral Medication Procedure C. Sublingual & Buccal Medication Administration D. Steps of Liquid Medication Procedure E. Steps of Mouth Check Procedure F. Legal Issues G. Medication Administration Record H. Let’s Practice I. Summary Section 3: Special Medication Procedures A. Assessing Inmate Lacey’s Vision B. Physician Prescriptions C. Procedure for New Medication/Changes in Medication D. Procedure for New Medication/Change in Medication: Transcription E. Procedures for When the Individual is Away from Agency F. Procedures for Verbal Orders G. Let’s Practice H. Procedures for PRN & OTC Medications I. Additional Routes of Medication Administration J. “How To” Properly Use Eye Drops K. Let’s Practice L. “How To” Properly Use Eye Ointments M. Let’s Practice N. “How To” Properly Use Ear Drops O. Let’s Practice P. Administrating Topical Medications Q. Let’s Practice R. Administering Nebulizer Treatments S. Administering Transdermal Patches T. Let’s Practice U. Summary Section 4: Special Issues in Medication Administration A. Assessing Inmate Darrel B. Assisting Individuals Who Have Difficulty Swallowing C. Assisting Individuals Who Refuse Medication D. Offenders Who Continue to Refuse Medication E. Errors in Medication Administration F. Resolutions to Medication Administration Errors G. Let’s Practice H. Summary Section 5: Summary A. Summary B. What Did You Learn? C. References D. Congratulations

Instructor: DeeAnn S. Marsh, RN, CCN/M, CLNC
Ms. Marsh is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who consults with attorney clients on cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury, toxic tort, products liabiltiy and workman's compensation cases. She was the Medical Director at Dakota Women's Correctional and Rehab Center, New England, ND. Disclosure: DeeAnn S. Marsh, RN, CCN/M, CLNC has declared that no conflict of interest, Relevant Financial Relationship or Relevant Non-Financial Relationship exists.
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