Principles of Behavior Part 1: Reinforcement


Key elements in this chapter include the story of Levi who demonstrated multiple episodes of severe challenging behavior including self-injury with the potential to cause permanent damage. Also included are discussions of behavioral laws, the definition of behavior, and an introduction to the work of Dr. B.F. Skinner and applied behavior analysis. Key elements in this chapter also include the presentation of basic terminology and concepts derived from the science of applied behavior analysis. Video vignettes provide illustrations of terminology and examples of concepts in real life every day situations and environments. This training program is based on the RBT Task List and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential. This program is offered independent of the BACB. Current Link:


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This course aligns with B-01;B-02;B-05;B-06;B-14;B-15;B-16;B-17 on the BCAT Task List.

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Learning Objectives:
Describe the origin of the principles of behavior analysis.
Identify the ABCs of behavior
Explain and provide examples of positive and negative reinforcement.
Explain the difference between positive and negative reinforcement.
Explain and provide examples of punishment.
Compare and contrast negative reinforcement and punishment.

•Behavior •Applied behavior analysis •B.F. Skinner •Reinforcement •Positive reinforcement •Negative reinforcement •Punishment •Positive punishment •Negative punishment •Antecedents •Consequences •ABCs of behavior

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BCAT Task List:
B-01 Principles of ABA, B-02 Principles of ABA, B-05 Principles of ABA, B-06 Principles of ABA, B-14 Principles of ABA, B-15 Principles of ABA, B-16 Principles of ABA, B-17 Principles of ABA
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