A Meeting of the Minds: Assessing Mental Status Changes


Mental status changes can be very subtle and may occur over a long period of time. For others, mental status changes can be very obvious and may be of sudden onset. So how can you, as a care provider, evaluate mental status changes experienced by those under your care? The key is assessment. This module will provide you with the tools you will need to perform a mental status examination.


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Type: Online Course
Content Expiration Date: 10/31/2018
Learning Objectives:
Differentiate between depression, delirium, and dementia
List the types of tools used to assess mental status
List the guidelines that need to be followed when performing a mental status exam
Identify the components of a mental status exam
Recognize abnormal findings from a mental status exam
Describe the nursing care required for an individual with mental status changes

Topic 1: The Three D’s
Topic 3: Assessment Tools
Topic 4: General Guidelines
Topic 5: Performing a Mental Status Examination (MSE)
Topic 6: Nursing Care

Instructor: Cheryl Dillon, RN-C, WCC
Cheryl Dillon is currently the Regional Manager/Director of Quality Assurance at ABS Management. In the past, she has assisted in the operations of multiple nursing facilities, including staffing, payroll, public health concerns, family member issues, management of consultant relationships (e.g. pharmacy, dietary, etc.), and service as intermediary between long term facilities and doctors. Her expertise also includes staff training and development, policy and procedure review and implementation, Quality Assurance initiatives, chart audits, and mock surveys. Disclosure: Cheryl Dillon, RN-C, WCC has declared that no conflict of interest, Relevant Financial Relationship or Relevant Non-Financial Relationship exists.
Instructor: Jennifer Eubanks, RN
Jennifer Eubanks, RN has been in long term care for more than 10 years. She has held positions including Director of Nursing, Medicare Nurse Coordinator, Nurse Consultant, Area Manager and Director of Quality Assurance. Additionally, she was responsible for maintaining an effective compliance program under a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Office of Inspector General for a period of five years. She was responsible for establishing a zero-house-acquired pressure ulcer program, as well as participating in her company’s community restraint-free initiative. Disclosure: Jennifer Eubanks, RN has declared that no conflict of interest, Relevant Financial Relationship or Relevant Non-Financial Relationship exists.
Instructor: Lynda Welch, RN
Lynda Welch, RN spent 27 years in senior management positions in long-term care homes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Retiring in 2003, she became a long-term care nurse consultant, offering her expertise to homes across the province with a personal goal to continue to make a difference in the lives of Ontario seniors and improve the practice of registered nurses and other staff who care for them. A significant part of her role as a consultant is to ensure that the standards of care are in place and that risks to residents are identified and managed according to best practice policy and procedures and legislative requirements. Lynda is also a legal nurse consultant and uses the expertise she has assimilated throughout her career to provide expert nursing opinion in litigation cases that involve seniors living in long term care homes. Disclosure: Lynda Welch, RN has declared that no conflict of interest, Relevant Financial Relationship or Relevant Non-Financial Relationship exists.
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The target audience for this course is: intermediate level General Staff.
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