Basic Safety for Probation and Parole Officers


Working as a community supervision officer (e.g., pretrial, probation or parole officer) is not without risk. Slightly less than half of probation and parole officers will be victimized by either intimidation or assault during the careers. Therefore, all community corrections staff, whether they are armed or not, need to have basic officer safety training. This course provides an overview of the issue of officer safety and offers practical strategies for how officers can work more safely with individuals under supervision whether they are meeting with them in the office or in the field. The course also introduces participants to Critical Incident Stress Management as a way to respond when there is a traumatic event. This course is recommended for staff who provide surveillance and/or supervision to adults or juveniles on pretrial, probation, parole, aftercare, or other community supervision options. It is not intended to replace onsite safety training, nor is it considered to be comprehensive enough to provide all that an officer needs to know to be safe. However, it serves as a good primer to more advanced, hands-on officer safety training.


Hours: 1.00


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South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy


This course has been approved by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for 1.00 hours. CJA Lesson Plan #5707

Course Details

Hours: 1
Type: Online Course
Content Expiration Date: 8/31/2019
Learning Objectives:
Discuss two techniques for dealing with and defusing aggressive behavior.
Match the amount of force officers should use to the amount of resistance that a probationer or parolee offers.
Describe strategies to reinforce officer safety within the office environment and in the field.
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