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CMAC Certification
CMAC Certification

CMAC offers you industry-recognized certification, demonstrating your proficiency in the RAI assessment tools and care planning. CMAC is the only industry certification that requires certificate holders to stay current with CMS legislative changes on an annual basis.

This is the initial certification for CMAC. If you are looking to recertify, you will need to do so through the CMAC Recertification training plan.

To best complete this certification, please complete the training in the order presented. The final module completed should be the CMAC Certification Exam. The certificate earned at completion of the training plan recognizes completion of the training plan. The training plan certificate paired with the certificate earned at completion of CMAC Certification will indicate successful CMAC certification.

All learners need to be enrolled into CMAC Certification & CMAC Recertification training plans at the same time to ensure accurate recertification dates. CMAC initial certification must be completed within 180 days of enrollment. CMAC re-certification must be completed within 365 days of initial certification.

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