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Developing Subordinates in Corrections
Developing Subordinates in Corrections

Like any other workplace, the corrections workplace needs its people to perform at their best. Top performers create maximum productivity, effectiveness, and intelligence at work. One of a manager’s or supervisors most important duties is to motivate the agency’s people toward full contribution of their talents and abilities. When people gain personal and professional satisfaction from their work and can see their path moving toward to a fulfilling future, they are more likely to stick with their employer and keep delivering excellence. An effective manager knows how to motivate his/her subordinates by helping them to develop their capabilities and to reach their career goals. In this course, designed for supervisors and managers in jails, prisons, community corrections, and juvenile justice services, you will learn about the importance of establishing a relationship with those who report to you. You will learn techniques for helping them explore their career interests, potentials, and professional development needs. After completing this course, you will be able to support the career development of your subordinates through coaching and effective feedback. You will learn to align your one-on-one staff development efforts with those of the larger organization. Interactive exercises will allow you to analyze staff development situations and learn to make choices that will bring the most benefit to your agency, your officers, and your own professional effectiveness.

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