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Overview of the Personal Outcome Measures®
Overview of the Personal Outcome Measures®

Organizations providing human services have long defined quality as compliance with certain standards for the services provided. However, many quality assurance systems overlook one important question: Do those services actually result in quality lives for the people receiving them? This course, presented by CQL The Council on Quality and Leadership, offers an overview of a system called Personal Outcome Measures®. This system gives you the tools you need to learn about people and quality in a more person-centered and results-oriented manner. This new approach is applicable to any type of human service provider because the Personal Outcome Measures® are simply human expectations for quality of life. They are relevant to people in recovery from mental illness, people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, people who are elderly, people with physical and other types of disabilities or simply anyone who counts on other people for organized supports. Through lessons, stories, and interactive activities, this course will assist you in beginning to enhance your ability to support the people you serve so that they can fully experience the quality of life they envision for themselves. This series of e-learning courses lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of the Personal Outcome Measures® approach, identifies and explains the 21 personal outcomes across services settings and explores the practical use of personal outcomes. Developed by a CQL The Council on Quality and Leadership team, each course works as a stand-alone learning opportunity, but you are encouraged to complete them as a suite in order to gain as much in-depth knowledge and as many skills as possible. These courses provide an introduction for staff that are new to Personal Outcomes Measures® and can be used as a part of an orientation for new staff and as well as a component of ongoing staff development.

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