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Using Personal Outcome Measures® in Planning for People
Using Personal Outcome Measures® in Planning for People

Is your person-centered planning process really person-centered? Many planning processes use formats and content areas that are dictated by regulatory requirements. You should question how person-centered they are if other people determine what should be in a person’s plan. Based on CQL The Council on Quality and Leadership’s Personal Outcome Measures® approach to quality enhancement, this course supplies you with effective tools and techniques to use information on personal outcomes for planning with people and creating a support plan that is truly person-centered. You can be assured that a plan is person-centered when it is based on the personal outcomes and priorities that are defined by each person for their own life. Through lessons, stories, and interactive activities, this course will show you how to use the Personal Outcome Measures® to create a simple, easy-to-use support plan that won’t end up in a file drawer! This course is helpful to people who are responsible for developing and using individual support plans alongside people who have support needs related to challenges like mental illness, developmental or physical disabilities and dislocation due to family situations, as well as other support needs. This series of e-learning courses lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of the personal outcomes approach, identifies and explains the 21 personal outcomes across services settings, and explores the practical use of Personal Outcome Measures® in person-centered planning. Each course works as a stand-alone learning opportunity, but you are encouraged to complete them as a suite to gain as much in-depth knowledge and skill as possible. These courses provide an introduction for staff that are new to personal outcomes and can be used as an orientation for new staff as well as a component of staff development.

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