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Controlling Contraband
Controlling Contraband

Contraband is any item or article that detainees/inmates are prohibited from possessing. Contraband threatens the security of the institution and endangers the lives of staff, detainees/inmates, and the public. It can disrupt institutional operations and lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. The control of contraband is a persistent problem in correctional facilities. It is the responsibility of all staff to control contraband being brought into or manufactured within the walls of the facility.This course will provide officers working in adult correctional facilities with information on the common types of contraband found and the role they play in controlling contraband. Additionally, information on conducting searches of persons (detainees/inmates, staff, contractors, vendors, and visitors), living units/cells, common areas, perimeters, and vehicles will be provided. Information presented in this course is based on best practices and for informational purposes only. You should always refer to and follow your agency’s policies and procedures related to searching for and responding to contraband.

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