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Abdominal Pathophysiology, Complications and Interventions
Abdominal Pathophysiology, Complications and Interventions

The abdomen is a large area of the body containing many of the vital organs. Patient complaints in this region of the body can be very vague and seemingly random. However, these vague complaints can be clues to life-threatening illnesses. This course will teach you how to safely and effectively perform a thorough abdominal assessment to determine appropriate follow-up for your client’s symptoms. In addition, you will have a brief anatomy review of the purpose and function of the abdominal organs. You will become more comfortable taking a complete patient history, which will allow you to include or dismiss many common differential diagnoses. Your learning will use a blend of didactic information, case studies, and self-evaluation to facilitate your learning experience. The target audience for this course is registered nurses and advanced practice nurses.

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