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FLSA: What Supervisors Need to Know
FLSA: What Supervisors Need to Know

As an employer or supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees receive the compensation they are due under the applicable laws. Underpayment of employee wages can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits filed by employees seeking back wages and damages, as well as fines and criminal prosecution. To protect yourself and your organization, you should be familiar with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which imposes a federal minimum wage, mandatory overtime pay, and additional employment-related standards for healthcare organizations.

This course introduces you to key provisions of the FLSA through a combination of easy-to-read summaries and skill-building activities that highlight how the law applies in scenarios you may encounter at work. You will learn about the minimum wage, overtime, youth labor restrictions, and what constitutes compensable time. You will also learn how to determine if an employee is exempt from FLSA protections and employer responsibilities for record-keeping and limitations. By the end of the course, you will have the information you need to ensure compliance with the FLSA.

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