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Infection Prevention in Central Sterile Processing
Infection Prevention in Central Sterile Processing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2022) estimates that in 2015, about 110,800 surgical site infections (SSIs) occurred in patients who had inpatient surgery in U.S. hospitals. SSIs account for 20% of all healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). They are also associated with a high risk of mortality with nearly 75% of associated deaths being directly attributed to SSIs.

Sterile processing (SP) professionals working in the central sterile services department (CSSD) play a vital role in preventing SSIs. Their day-to-day responsibilities require meticulous attention and adherence to ensuring that instruments and devices are properly decontaminated, cleaned, disinfected, and/or sterilized. Infection control and prevention practices are fundamental to the role of SP professionals. In this scenario-based course, you will learn about SSIs, infection-related hazards in the CSSD, and what you can do as a SP professional to break the chain of infection.

The goal of this course is to equip sterile processing professionals with knowledge of infection control and prevention principles.

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