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In Session: Practicing Clinical Skills for Safety Planning
In Session: Practicing Clinical Skills for Safety Planning

Safety planning is a critical aspect of risk reduction for individuals with behavioral health disorders. A safety plan may be needed to mitigate risk for individuals experiencing suicidality, homicidality, or other circumstances that elevate the potential risk of harm to the client or others. In this course, you will have an opportunity to apply your existing knowledge of how to create a safety plan with an at-risk individual. By interacting with the individual in a simulated therapy session, you will see how your selection of responses impacts their level of risk and outcome. Supervisory input will also help guide you through this simulation exercise.If you have not participated in in-depth training on safety planning, we recommend that you review our other courses that discuss safety planning first. After learning about evidence-based approaches to safety planning, you can then use this simulation to reinforce your knowledge.


Delivery Format: Reading Based Asynchronous Distance Learning

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