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Interventions for Co-Occurring Disorders: Advanced Practice for Clinicians
Interventions for Co-Occurring Disorders: Advanced Practice for Clinicians

Co-occurring disorders (CODs) increase the severity of symptoms, complicate the recovery process, and lead to other negative outcomes like poor treatment adherence, higher treatment dropout rates, increased risk of suicide, and greater risk of relapse (NIDA, 2020; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA], 2020). Ample evidence exists to document the superiority of integrated treatment approaches for CODs, rather than addressing individual disorders with separate approaches, treatment plans, and even providers (SAMHSA, 2020).This course assumes that you have a foundational knowledge of evidence-based techniques and approaches for working with CODs, such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral interventions, relapse prevention, etc. The course will provide you with information about modifications you can make to these approaches when working with particular populations. The goal of this course is to provide addictions, behavioral health counseling, marriage and family therapy, nursing, psychology, and social work professionals working in health and human services settings with education regarding advanced practice interventions for people living with CODs.

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