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Intimate Partner Violence in Pregnant Women
Intimate Partner Violence in Pregnant Women

Abuse occurs to pregnant women more often than gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, and is a leading cause of pregnancy-related death (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology [ACOG], 2019; Hrelic, 2019; Krishnamurti et al., 2021). Women of reproductive age experience the highest rates of intimate partner violence (IPV). IPV has far-reaching maternal and fetal effects, including pregnancy complications, unwanted pregnancy due to reproductive coercion, sexually transmitted infections, and lasting physical and emotional trauma and impairment. About 324,000 pregnant women are abused by their partners each year in the U.S. (ACOG, 2019; Hrelic, 2019). Yet, that number does not accurately reflect the true number of incidences as many cases of abuse go unreported.

Healthcare professionals often feel unprepared to ask about abuse or to counsel a pregnant woman who is being abused, although they are in a unique position to assess for IPV and to support women who experience it. As such, it is necessary for clinicians to skillfully screen for IPV and offer effective interventions when appropriate.

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