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Impact of Psychological and Physical Trauma
Impact of Psychological and Physical Trauma

Many people intuitively understand that a traumatic blow to the head can result in damage to the brain, leading to potentially devastating functional impairment or even death. However, many people, even experienced clinicians, do not always understand that emotional traumas, such as abuse and neglect, also lead to structural and functional brain changes with concomitant symptoms and difficulties. These changes can essentially hardwire the brain to experience heightened fear reactions and other maladaptive responses to environmental triggers. This course is designed for licensed professionals with some foundational knowledge of both trauma and neurobiology. We will delve into the specific ways that psychological and physical trauma can impact both the developing brain during childhood and adolescence, as well as how trauma affects the mature, adult brain. We will also explore some general treatment considerations of which you should be aware so that you can more effectively support individuals who have experienced trauma.

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