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Engaging Family Members in Crisis Planning
Engaging Family Members in Crisis Planning

The goal of this course is to provide addiction professionals, behavioral health counseling professionals, marriage and family therapy professionals, psychology professionals, and social work professionals in a health and human services setting with current strategies and recommendations for family crisis planning.

A crisis is an unstable, emotionally stressful event that involves an abrupt or traumatic change during which health and safety are compromised. Having a safety crisis plan in place before a crisis occurs can mean the difference between a manageable event and a traumatic or dangerous one. This course will help you to recognize antecedents to crises so that you can respond more quickly, create a plan to help decrease the number and severity of dangerous incidents, and help families use community resources and self-sufficiency to cope with family emergencies. You will learn techniques that can help you work with families as partners in developing a family crisis plan. You will also learn the structure and components of a family crisis plan, as well as when and how to revise these plans. A number of strategies and techniques will be discussed that you can use to maximize collaboration with family members in both the process of creating and implementing a crisis plan.


Delivery Format: Reading Based Asynchronous Distance Learning

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