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Controlled Substances: Drug Diversion, SUD, and Pain Management
Controlled Substances: Drug Diversion, SUD, and Pain Management

Patient care in any practice setting has become increasingly complicated due to several factors, including but not limited to: Substance use disorders (SUDs), diversion of medications, and management of injuries and illnesses with symptoms of moderate to severe pain. Marketing strategies by the pharmaceutical industry, self-medication of partially treated or undiagnosed illness, an increasing number of older patients, and accepted societal norms surrounding prescription pain management further impede optimal patient care. Recognizing, understanding, and addressing patient behaviors, as well as the rationales behind these behaviors, is critical to successfully manage patients and protect practitioners and their practices. This course will review three major areas complicating patient care: Drug diversion, SUD, and pain management considerations in patients with SUD.

The goal of this course is to equip nurses, social workers, counselors, and physicians in both acute and post-acute care with how to prevent, identify, and manage substance abuse among residents and/or patients.

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