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Causes of Acute Respiratory Failure
Causes of Acute Respiratory Failure

Over the past decade, healthcare providers in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have seen an increase in the acuity of the individuals for whom they provide care. This may be because survivors of acute respiratory failure (ARF) with mechanical ventilation are more likely to be discharged to an SNF (Gong et al., 2016). Residents who survive ARF are often left with cognitive and functional impairments that result in an increased risk for mortality. Unfortunately, this trend seems to be true in other post-acute care settings, as well.

As a healthcare professional in a post-acute care setting, you must be familiar with ARF and how to best manage individuals in your care who are at risk for developing ARF or who have ARF. This course discusses the causes of and risk factors for ARF as well as key prevention and treatment strategies.

The goal of this course is to educate nurses and respiratory therapists in SNFs on the assessment, prevention, and treatment of ARF.

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