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Pediatric Tracheostomy Emergencies
Pediatric Tracheostomy Emergencies

Pediatric patients with congenital and acquired conditions may require a tracheostomy tube. To care for a child with a tracheostomy tube, healthcare professionals must understand the reason the child requires a tracheostomy, the functional status of the child’s upper airway, and the child’s medical condition. Diagnoses associated with tracheostomies include structural airway abnormalities, certain neuromuscular diseases, impairments of the diaphragm muscle, and chronic lung disease. Children with tracheostomies routinely receive care in both home and healthcare settings. Patients with tracheostomies can experience complications and there is an increased risk of death associated with tracheostomy-related emergencies. The management of a child with a tracheostomy requires healthcare professionals to be skilled in routine and emergency tracheostomy care. This course provides information on the routine management and emergency response for nurses and dietitians who work with pediatric patients who have tracheostomies.

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