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Ways to Communicate and Support Families for Paraprofessionals
Ways to Communicate and Support Families for Paraprofessionals

In this course, you will learn that working closely with families requires communicating effectively and building a respectful and trusting relationship. The focus will be on learning ways to communicate and support families even when you encounter resistance. It is important to understand your own personal biases and how these might affect your interactions with families. It is also helpful to identify why families may be resistant to your interventions, and how to use specific techniques to communicate effectively and support the families of the clients you serve.

The goal of this course is to provide paraprofessionals in health and human services with information and strategies on how to effectively communicate and support clients’ families.

Some of the approaches covered in this course may be part of your job within your organization. Other approaches may be outside the scope of your role as a paraprofessional or outside of your agency’s policies, procedures, and practices. When in doubt, always check with your supervisor.

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