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Effective Case Management of Juvenile Probation Cases
Effective Case Management of Juvenile Probation Cases

Managing youth on community supervision is not limited to assuring their compliance with court-ordered conditions. Enhancing long-term safety objectives also requires that community supervision officers help guide youth in efforts to change their behavior and reduce recidivism. After initial risk and needs assessment, a community supervision officer, the youth, and, when appropriate, the youth’s guardian should develop an individualized case plan that outlines objectives and actions that the youth need to achieve to comply with court-ordered conditions and behavioral-change goals. Once developed, the case plan serves as the basis for managing and monitoring the youth’s risk and needs throughout the supervision period. This course focuses on the part of case management that occurs after the initial case plan is developed with a youth under supervision. Community supervision officers will learn tasks and strategies they can apply in the ongoing case management of youth on their caseload to promote compliance and reductions in recidivism. The goal of this course is to provide probation officers working in juvenile probation agencies with information about supervision styles and case management strategies that enrich their supervision of juveniles placed on community supervision and lead to improved outcomes.

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